Remixes & Mashups

When I started this project, I thought about how I wanted to approach a “mashup.” A really good highlight reel? Maybe a timeline? Come on, we can do better, right? Ends up, my brain is more linear-sequential than I would often like to admit, so I quickly found that it was difficult for me to talk about ideas other than in the order they arrived. I was banking on a kind of through-line appearing to tie my bigger ideas together as the project developed, leading to a capstone epiphany! Unfortunately not. The concept that led the way did so mostly in process rather than product. Alexander’s idea of platforms/proscenia really stuck with me through the semester as we tried out new digital storytelling tools, and I was curious to see what happened when stories were displaced from their original proscenia and translated into another. I did quite a bit of messing around with different animation tools before I found one that 1) I could figure out how to use, and 2) had the right “feel,” because this project was more personal than others. In the end, I chose Video Scribe, and I took advantage of their generous 7-day trial offer. What I found most interesting about throwing all of the projects into Video Scribe, was figuring out which ideas from those stories were still salient and expressible on the new platform. It was a genuine struggle to not recreate an entire project in the animation (and you better believe I tried, but I like you all too much to make you sit through a 5+ minute video). I was forced to pare down my projects till all that was left was the core, which is exactly what a mashup should highlight.