Digital Whiteboard

In general, I don’t like to complete tasks on my phone that take more than a couple minutes. Long posts, photo editing, and clipping video are more easily done on my laptop where I feel I can see more and attend to the details. I almost didn’t use Explain Everything for this project because it isn’t designed for browsers. What convinced me was that the EE app had just gotten an update that made it best friends with iPhone X, which as a lowkey Apple fangirl I already have. This was easily the most labor intensive project I’ve completed start to finish on my phone, but in EE’s defense it was my own frustration, not app functionality, that told me I was done. I took the footage and photos with the phone camera and it was super easy to import the clips I needed into my EE project. It took me a while to figure out all the features as tapping and pressing often brought up different options (and some, like the text details, I could only see when the phone was in portrait even though I was building in landscape). My volume is all over the place because I was holding the phone in my hand instead of a consistent distance like a laptop on a desk would be. While I used the app in a linear “slide after slide” way, I think it’d be possible to create more of a Prezi-like feeling as you can zoom around while it’s recording your screen. I feel like I only scratched the surface of what’s possible with the app, but attempting more on a phone screen would have tested my patience even further. This is definitely an app I’d like to explore more on an iPad, especially since it could be used for screencasting as well.