Crypto-Mystery App

As my final project for ED659, I built an app using MIT AppInventor for my middle school coding students. They are working on their own browser based “Crypto-Mystery” game and I thought I’d create the app version as an early Christmas present for them. In the game, you are tasked with helping solve a murder by collecting clues. Each clue screen presents a different kind of cipher that when decrypted provides a piece of information about the suspect. When all the clues are collected, you then meet a line up of suspects: choose the correct suspect and you’ve cracked the case!I teach a lot of students how to use MIT AppInventor, but rarely use the tool creatively in my own time. The code for the app ended up being much simpler than I expected (which never happens), and it was actually the user interface that put up the biggest fight. The images I imported were free use, and the cipher samples are screenshots of my own encrypted messages. All of the clue screens used some variation of the following code depending on the password for the TextBox and type of cipher used in the HintButton Notifier component.

For those with Android devices you can download the .apk file here, and play Crypto-Mystery.