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In the spirit of Collection IV, I took D’Arcy up on her “Make it Accessible” assignment:

Task: An essential component of being a responsible and compassionate “digital citizen” (and educator) is making sure that your works are accessible to an audience whose abilities fall across the spectrum. For this assignment, go out of your way to make your materials more universally accessible. This could entail creating accurate closed captions for your video in YouTube (if using auto caption, go through and correct them), providing an accurate transcript of your audio recording, going back to your recent blog posts and adding alt-text to your images and/or making your links more accessible, using built-in styles for proper heading structure in documents (see the “Headings” section on the linked page), or something else. Create a post that links to your completed work and describe what you did to make things more accessible. Use the tag makeitaccessible for your post.

While I had been fairly consistent using alt-text with images last semester, it was a task that ended up on the wayside for this course. So, it was time to go back through and make my images more accessible by filling in all of the alt-text boxes. I started with my Barbaric Yawp and worked my way through each of the posts until I was caught up with the present. I used the website that D’Arcy linked to in her task description to help get me started. It was pretty interesting to read about which images needed alt-text, how the alt-text should adapt to the content, and the difference between the caption box and alt-text. Like D’Arcy, I also had some infographics that took a bit to explain and I had to do a little extra research on how to best express the content. I think those are still my weakest alt-text examples, but overall the content on my site is becoming progressively more accessible.

Points: 10/10


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