Exploring the ADA

Exploring the ADA

I developed this project primarily using Adobe Spark (which unfortunately doesn’t embed anything but a clickable headline). I’ve used their “Page” templates in the past, and while it doesn’t provide much room for customization in the format, I think it pulls together a collection of ideas really well and the product has a nice flow. You’re able to insert videos to the “Page,” which also gave me a chance to play with Adobe Spark “Video.” Again, not a ton of customization in the formatting, but it’s clean and straightforward. I had anticipated using the whole Adobe Spark suite for this project just to see how they all worked together, but their “Post” feature was incredibly underwhelming, so the two infographics I included were made using Canva.

2 thoughts on “Exploring the ADA

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  2. Wow! I’m super impressed with your presentation! I didn’t even know Adobe Spark was a thing, but it’s awesome looking!

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