2 thoughts on “Making Sense of Copyright

  1. The story of the hospital needing to find funding after 70 years is an interesting one…70 years seems like more than enough time to reap the profits from a work, doesn’t it? Here in the US, of course, media conglomerates like Disney manage to lobby for more legislation and extended copyright terms everytime *their* significant profit makers are in danger…

    It’s probably useful to note, as a followup, that Google recently won the final appeal by the Authors Guild allowing for Google Books to continue and that it was legitimate fair use. Thank goodness.

    • Peter Pan continues to be incredibly popular, so they were probably raking in some serious funding through the royalties. I think looking for an official “sequel” to be written was a backdoor way to not look greedy (as the rights to Peter Pan were a gift anyway) and still make some cash. And Disney, well Disney just does whatever it wants 🙂

      I’m glad to hear that about Google Books! I’ll add a little update to that event on the timeline.

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