Wing It! – Infomagical Challenge

**Similar to my last Wing It, I’ll be completing this challenge this coming week (7/4-7/8) and would love to have some Wingmen onboard! 

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Thanks to Manoush Zomorodi and the podcast “Note to Self,” here is another week-long challenge. Like Bored and Brilliant, the Infomagical challenge encourages listeners to be better consumers of online information. Some of us may have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), so we breeze over articles, stories, and headlines without ever really retaining any useful information. How could we make our online information browsing more productive, and more importantly, use it to support our personal goals?

Objective: At least for a week, let’s try to fight information overload by paying attention to what we’re doing online, and the gadgets that get us there.

Assignment: Nousion-ites! You can do this! The challenges and corresponding short podcasts can be found here. Listen to the podcast or read through the new challenge every morning this week. If you don’t think you’ll remember, sign up for text or email reminders here. Take notes on your experience and create a mini-reflection (text, audio, video, etc) for each day, then wrap it all up and you can post at the end of the week for a Wingman assignment.

Points:  15 /15

My infomagical journey:

Infomagical Day 5: My note to self – 


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