Wing It! – Bored and Brilliant Challenge

**This Wing It! is for Collection III and I’ll be participating in this challenge starting tomorrow (6/27) if anyone wants to join me 🙂

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On her podcast “New Tech City” (now “Note to Self”) in 2015, Manoush Zomorodi posed a week-long challenge to her listeners. She called it “Bored and Brilliant.” The premise of the challenge is that humans actually do our original thinking, problem solving, and creative thought when we’re bored. The term Zomorodi found to describe it is “autobiographical planning.” But with the advent of personal devices we have a tendency to fill moments of potential boredom with our face glued to a screen. This challenge isn’t intended as an anti-tech message, more of a chance to reflect on how we’re using digital tech in our daily lives. If you want to hear her presentation on the subject you can watch it here.

Objective: Give your brain more opportunities for boredom this week. It’s good for you!

So, my dear Nousionauts, are you ready to take on this challenge?

Assignment: Listen to the short podcast each day (for 6 days) and complete the daily challenge. Keep track of your experience with a mini-reflection for each challenge (an off-the-cuff audio or video recording would be really cool) – Was it easy/hard? What did you do when you weren’t on your phone? What did you find that you couldn’t live without? 

To start from the beginning here’s the link to Challenge 1. If you want to see all of the challenges and learn more about the project you can check out the main site: Bored and Brilliant,

If you don’t think you’ll remember to check the next challenge every morning, you can sign up for email reminders here.

**As they are no longer collecting data for the study, for this assignment just complete the daily challenge and don’t worry about tracking your phone time through an app.

Points:  15/15

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