Wingman: Did You Know?

Assignment created by Sarah Carstensen

Using a quiz maker, such as Quibblo, create an Icebreaker quiz.

– Quiz should be 5-10 questions long.
– The topic should relate to a personal hobby or interest.
– Remember, this should be fun!
– Share with the class

I decided to use this assignment as a test run for an icebreaker/pre-test in the Tourism class I’m teaching in the fall. Instead of Quibblo, I went with Google Forms because I like being able to use different kinds of questions in the same quiz, and having the responses all end up in my Google Drive for easy access. Also, I’m using the direction of “quiz” loosely, so I’m asking more open ended questions than right/wrong questions.

One thought on “Wingman: Did You Know?

  1. I think this will be a great ice-breaker for your class. It not only gets the students thinking about travel/tourism, but it gives you an idea of where their interests are as well.

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