Metathink – Exploring Digital Citizenship

This was one of those topics that you could have written a dissertation on, but you know that no one wants to read more than a few paragraphs, and in fact, they’d actually prefer to just see a visual depiction of the information. I really struggle during the writing process when there’s JUST SO MUCH INFORMATION and I have the task of sifting and connecting it so that it becomes an easily readable document. One page papers are often harder than 8 page papers. Note that I’ve also been ignoring the “Search & Research” assignments for a similar reason. I want to do ALL the research, and come out of it saying something profound, though really I should be more accepting of imperfection and willing to explore/question/fail as part of the process.

So, to make the “Exploring Digital Citizenship” assignment easier for myself, I decided to use a specific frame. I wanted to look at where digital citizenship sat in relation to cybersecurity and digital literacy. Where do they overlap? Where are the boundaries? Using this frame helped focus my attention when I was conducting research (looking for models that discussed each of the three terms). It also allowed me to explore just one aspect of defining digital citizenship which was far more productive for me than taking on the concept as a whole.

For those about to explore: If your assignment is feeling a little chaotic, choose a specific frame or perspective from which to approach the topic.

One thought on “Metathink – Exploring Digital Citizenship

  1. Not to play the old man card, but this is, in a nutshell, the problem I’ve had in my whole career…as I go, the more I know I don’t know and the more connections I know are there but are hard to pinpoint and/or lead to so many rabbit holes…

    That said, re-framing is an excellent strategy for focus. It’s also a strategy that lends itself to visualization, visual notes, mind maps and other visual thinking approaches that can help bring out connections.

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