Working Out Loud – Committing to the Portfolio

Part 1: Where to Start?

As I continue taking classes in the ONID program, it has become more pressing with each semester that I organize my work into a portfolio instead of letting it live as a semi-functional blog with parent pages for my courses. Honestly, I’ve been a bit of a commitaphobe about it: there’s no “About” text; I don’t describe the program; and I have been reluctant to use the finer points of WordPress that allow easier searching. So, it’s time to buckle down and make this house a home (on the web).

There are a handful of changes I’d like to make and I’m anticipating running into more as I work through this process:

Disaster Insurance – This assignment happened to coincide with a WordPress update, which reminded me I needed to backup my site! I’ve been using the Backup Guard plugin, but I don’t backup my work as often as I should (i.e. only when there’s an update and they remind me). I looked into scheduled automated backups, but it involves an upgrade to Backup Guard Silver ($14.95/yr). This means I need to either 1) research an alternative plugin that offers scheduled back ups for free, or 2) suck it up and pay the fee. I would be pretty devastated if it all went away in some freak, data-destroying crash so I need to take care of this pronto.

Everything in its Place – Eventually I want my landing page to be my “About” page (with real information in it). The “Blog” page with all recent posts will live next to it on the navigation bar. I’m still not sure how to put my classes and assignments together efficiently. First, I need to figure out which classes are necessary to the portfolio, and if there are any other requirements specified by the program. Second, what makes sense for the long term? Should each class have a description attached so it isn’t just assignments floating under a course number?

Linking Posts – Tags. I should use them. Time to backtrack through assignments and start tagging. I’d like to be able to tag with some more general terms that could link between courses.

Accessibility – I pulled up my website on my phone yesterday, and it really does not look good on a mobile browser (on in the WordPress app). Isn’t this where most people would see it? I don’t know if it’s the theme (which I really like on a desktop), or if WordPress isn’t particularly mobile friendly. Part of the most recent update gives you the option to preview your page in desktop, tablet, or mobile view. I need to play around with the mobile preview more and see if I can make the site more mobile accessible.

** I’ll be keeping everyone updated as I work through this website re-haul. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Working Out Loud – Committing to the Portfolio

  1. I liked hearing your “working out loud” thoughts about your portfolio. I’m just starting the ONID program, and so you’re inspiring me to stay on top of a well-curated portfolio from the beginning, instead of going back through towards the end of the program and re-tagging and re-organizing everything (although I imagine it’s kind of like cleaning out your closet.. even if you get it really well-organized when you first move in, you’ll always have to keep working at it!) I’m curious- do you find that you refer back to your portfolio on a regular basis? Which items/elements of your portfolio do you tend to revisit most frequently?

  2. I started taking ONID-based classes in Fall of 2012 and eventually applied to the program and should (hopefully) be finished this coming summer. When I first created the portfolio I wasn’t sure how permanent it would become. I’m glad that you reminded me that I really need to get in there and do some work on my own site.

    I have found that use of the blog depends on the instructor. For a couple of the classes. it won’t be used at all. I’m a bit disappointed in that because ,for me, I’d like to have things in one place. I’ve transferred some posts and comments from that other place (sites, Blackboard) but it is a time-consuming task.

    I never even really thought about making a back-up copy. In WordPress, there is an export copy under Tools. This seems like a pretty easy (and free) way to make a back-up.

    I chose not to use my portfolio site for this class. I had a feeling that there would be a lot of individual posts to make and for some reason I wanted a fresh place to do that. That might have been a mistake but I’m not going to turn back now!

    Thanks for getting me thinking about my own site. I’ll have to add that to the list of things to do.

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