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Josie Fraser is busy. She is leading a new cyberbullying education program through Childnet International. She is a Wikimedia UK trustee. She gives talks and writes papers about open educational resources and digital literacy programs. AND she manages to keep her social media presence and blog updated. But looking at her CV, there is one project that seems to have taken up much of her time from 2010-2014 and has, so far, made the greatest impact, DigiLit Leicester.

Idea web showing how E-Safety, Communication, Assessment and Feedback, Creating and Sharing, Professional Development, and Research are all connected to the bigger idea of Digital Literacy.

Image Credit: www.josiefraser.com/digilitleic/

From what I’ve briefly read, DigiLit Leicester is exactly the kind of digital literacy support that every teacher dreams of. The project brought together the Leicester City Council, the local university, and 23 secondary schools to create a “Digital Literacy Framework.”The framework they devised was purposefully designed to link digital literacy directly to secondary education practices. The framework was put into action in schools, and teacher were encouraged to provide feedback, which informed not only changes to the framework, but also future digital literacy development opportunities. Through this close collaboration, the project was able to meet their end goal of providing the support and education for teachers developing their digital literacy, and in turn influencing digital literacy instruction for students.

Josie Fraser can be found online at the following websites:

Twitter (13.5k followers) – @josiefraser

Personal Website – www.josiefraser.com

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