4 thoughts on “Exploring Digital Citizenship

    • Hahaha! Thanks, Dillon! I felt the same way when one of my classmates used the program for an assignment last semester. It use to be Adobe Slate, but now goes by Adobe Spark. It doesn’t have a ton of opportunity for customization, but the themes are nicely designed and it comes with a Creative Commons search box for photos which is handy.

  1. Do you think any of your models dug into the issue of anonymity — I saw that there were snippets about respect?

    I noticed when I did my exploration that the whole online disinhibition effect wasn’t really talked about.

    • I’m still trying to figure out where that anonymity pieces plays in. Maybe it’s just about using it appropriately (?) because there are certainly places on the internet where anonymity is a positive thing so you can’t wash it with one big ‘NO.’ It’s still on my mind though for sure. Also, I love your phrase “online disinhibition effect.” 🙂

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