3 thoughts on “What Digital Citizenship Means to Me Right Now

  1. I enjoyed the opportunity to hear your thoughts instead of (just) reading them…many Nousioneers are contemplating the role of privacy, what aspects of citizenship are different online (or as mediated by technology) as well as the general applicability of, basically, the Golden Rule.

    The questions of anonymity and freedom are tightly bound with the ideas of technological determinism…to what degree do we control (or not) technology? Is technology in the form of social media and the ability to be anonymous revealing something already inside people or creating something new in them…or both?

    Replace the terms and you have the subject of many controversies about technology and our lives: our attention spans, creativity, math skills, ability to find one’s way physically in the world. To what extent does technology cause us, for instance, to have reduced attention skills or fritter away our time endlessly skimming the social media stream and to what extent does it simply facilitate an existing disposition?

  2. Just want to point out that every once in a while someone is cloaked for good… Case in point? Princess Bride when they wheelbarrow a cloaked Andre the Giant up to the portcullis and light him on fire to scare the defenses away and save Buttercup.

    That is all.

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