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Twitter has been a requirement in my ONID classes since last September and I’m still trying to get in a groove with posting. I do a lot of poking around to see what other people are saying and I’ll share articles and sometimes pictures. What is completely missing is engagement in active conversations. I want to be better at Twitter. I need to be better at Twitter. It is an important part of my web presence (especially as my only social media platform that is public). I also recognize how awesome it is as an aspect of a professional learning network and how useful it can be for an online cohort. But, I hesitate every time I think of posting. What is the deal? Am I a shy tweeter? Am I afraid Margaret Atwood will actually read one of my tweets?

I think part of the issue is that I’m lumping together the whole Twitter experience. Maybe I’ll find that I’m more comfortable replying than being the original poster, or I’ll just back deep into the cave of direct messaging (which is a new feature for me this summer!). This cohort is already so active on Twitter, and I can feel that it’s time to join in. So, I’m setting myself a challenge. Every week I will try and post at least 5 times (as a reply, original post, or a DM). This may seem small time for most of you, but just know that I spent the whole time writing this trying to talk myself down from 4 posts a week. Let’s see how it goes!

Advice for future tweeters –

Jump in! And if you find yourself still standing on the dock, set a weekly goal. And if you’re really competitive like I am, call it a challenge.

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