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Having my own website/blog/portfolio for the ONID program has made me far more eager to use personal sites in my own classroom. I’m not 100% sure I could help every student through the process of Reclaimhosting and installing WordPress (even though the provided instructions were well written), but even if were just a Google Site I think it’s a great place to collect student work. Especially if students are creating digitally born media most of the time, an online portfolio just makes sense. For secondary teachers, I think Google Sites even has some privacy settings that could take out a portion of “students publishing publically” headache. There can be all sorts of policy weirdness there, but I think doing the legwork to make it happen would be worth it.

My own domain has kind of taken a back seat to all the work that I’m posting. The “About” section has sat empty since I created the site, and I’m not sure I want to put something there quite yet, so I’m open to interesting suggestions for a stand in. I also think I could be using the “tag” feature more efficiently as up till now I’ve just been categorizing posts by course number. I think I’ve reached the point where I should have vision for what it should look like in the long run. Needless to say I’m excited to spend some time on the “Bling Your Blog” assignment!

Advice to future lords of new domains –

Don’t be afraid to try a new WordPress theme if you’re starting to fall out of love with your portfolio.

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  1. We use Google Sites often for many of the same reasons…they’re quirky (what isn’t!?), but very useful.

    What you are going through with considering how to modify your site for longer term use is part of a common trajectory. With WordPress it becomes a question of considering out how best to use pages, tags and categories…and all the options plugins provide for using *those*. It’s kind of like revising a big book!

    Feel free to continue working on that as a substitute for some other activities (in addition to “Bling Your Blog” if you’d like…if you do, just share occasionally with everyone what you are doing, why you are doing it and the kinds of challenges you encounter as you go. This is a journey many other Nousionauts will undertake, some quite soon!

  2. My website has certainly evolved over time (though I know that isn’t the right word, there have been a number of major revisions/restructuring, much like the ones that you seem to be considering). I think it is good and necessary because our personal sites grow like most cities. Sure, a city plan eventually develops but very, very few start out with a clear plan to growth.

    As for your thought on tagging, tags are awesome for pulling together your thoughts on a subject that you have over time and in different classes! I highly recommend you start using them — and take the time to go back and add key tags to past posts.

  3. I know it is selfish, but I decided to format and style my ONID blog and the blog I created for this class more for my benefit over my readers. Perhaps when I get closer to finishing up the coursework for the ONID degree I’ve found it more helpful for me to find and refer to posts when the widgets that I find helpful are front and center.

    I’d have to agree with D’Arcy about the benefits of tagging and I’ll be taking her advice about going back through and cleaning up old tags so that they are more consistent.

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